“SWEET AS” Australian Feature Film

Written by Jub Clerc & Stevie Rodgers.
Feature Film.
Film shoots in Western Australia, 


We are looking for 4 teenage roles; 2 Indigenous and 2 non-Indigenous (to play the age of 15) 

Applicants can be based anywhere in Australia and must be available from October to December 2019 for the filming. 

Please fill out the application form below and prepare an audition video using the instructions below. 


Please follow this link for AUDITION INSTRUCTIONS




The roles you can audition for are:

MURRA NGUNGALA – 15 years old (Actors can be 15 to a young looking 22)

INDIGENOUS GIRL - 15 years old. Born in the Pilbara in Port Hedland, from Broome in the Kimberley.
Smart, curious, an observer.
Doesn’t know where father is, she has all she needs with her mother, Grace
She lives in a closed world – she isn’t prepared for change
She is innocent but not naïve.
Please follow this link for  MURRA – AUDITION SCENES

ELVIS MURPHY – 15 years old (Actors can be 15 to a young looking 22)

INDIGENOUS BOY - 15 years old
Lives in 12 mile community.
Wears tank tops and black denim jeans, doesn’t sit still
Target of racial profiling. Remote community kid.
Takes pics of dead things

Please follow this link for ELVIS– AUDITION SCENE

KYLIE BACON – 15 years old (Actors can be 15 to a young looking 22)

GIRL (non-Indigenous) - 15 years old
Insecure, damaged goods – this comes out in her being lippy and tough.
Venomous and volatile, has a real mean streak.
Likes power and control, is rebellious and wild. Scared and yearns for kindness.
Challenges authority. Lives in a biker clubhouse with biker mole mum.

Please follow this link for KYLIE – AUDITION SCENE

SEAN BELLING – 15 years old (Actors can be 15 to a young looking 22)

BOY (non-Indigenous) - 15 years old 
Lives on a station. 
Is a comfort eater, needs sunscreen, swagman’s hat
pudgy, nervous disposition, withdrawn, lonely, isolated.
Religious upbringing.
Doesn’t belong in the landscape, he’s an indoors kid.
Dad committed suicide. Didn’t live up to dad’s expectations, never got to show him his worth

Please follow this link for SEAN – AUDITION SCENES


Audition form

If you are interested in auditioning for this project, please follow the instructions above to prepare an audition video.

You can use the link below to upload your audition video to us, as well as a recent photograph of you (make sure it is a clear head and shoulders shot, with no hat or sunglasses). You can use your phone for both of these. 

Please make sure you label your files with your name  (eg jane-norris-audition.mov or jane-norris-photo.jpg).

Once you have uploaded your audition and photograph, please fill out this form.

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